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Alessandro Guerriero

Designer Alessandro Guerriero

Alessandro founded Alchimia in 1976 – one of the most important groups involved in the evolution of itlaian post avant-garde. In 1982 he was awarded the “Compasso d’oro” for his design research. In 1987 he founded Domus Academy, a post-graduate industrial design and fashion design school. In 1998, he was editor for the magazine OLLO. At the end of 1996, after opening the new atelier “Radiosity” with Alberto Biagetti, he started to design the new Benetton Museum with Olivero Toscani. This year he has designed a small city near Rome after the Hapiness House for the Alessi Family in Omegna; the Torre Civica di Gibellina; Groingen’s Art Museum in Holland. Finally with the inmates of Milan’s San Vittore jail he has designed the “Nuova Arca” .

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