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4 ideas to modernize your spaces

4 ideas to modernize your spaces
Author: Ayelen Pinero
Date created: May 23, 2013

When it comes to modernizing your spaces it´s a good idea to keep things simple. Remember that changing a space doesn´t necessarily mean throwing everything you´ve got and replacing it by new things altogether, although it´s perfectly acceptable to do so too! But if you are after something less complex and more achievable or you are attached to some of your old stuff and wouldn´t like to part from it but you still want your rooms to look modern here´s some ideas that might help you:

1-Make a Statement.
Less is more. This statement is particularly true when it comes to choosing furniture. Instead of cluttering the room with clashing items choose one piece that will work as the Room´s Focal Point and make sure that the rest of the furniture works together to complement and make that particular pieces stand out. Try to make the leading piece something unique modern and innovative so that it really makes a statement; always make sure it is in tune with the rest of the house, though. 
2-Change the lighting.
Changing the lighting is probably the simplest way to make a large impact. Hanging lamps, Floor lamps and Table lamps are evolving like never before in history and art and lighting are become one. This is particularly useful for someone looking to modernize a room with just a few changes for this change will literally bring new light to any of your rooms. 
The use of big (if possible sliding) windows will give your rooms natural light and the idea of extra space. If you add to this "larger spaces" some cool and funky outdoor furniture you will turn the outdoor into an inviting part of the house that will merge with the indoors to give extension and extra living areas to your house just by adding a few comfortable and inviting pieces.
4-The smallest Details can define a home.
You should not limit yourself to big pieces when you are trying to create impact in a room or space. Anything can become queen or King of interior design and small objects are a perfect example of this, sometimes we can find pieces that even though they are small their are so unique and imponent that they deserve to be the centre of attention and we feel forced to create a room around them... if you are lucky enough to come across one of these.. don´t miss the chance go for it.. the smallest pieces can sometimes define a whole household!